Academic Career Centre

biurokarier_xs_24098866Academic Careers Centre was established by Rector’s  Regulation of the Higher School of Agribusiness of 20 October 2008. The unit helps students and graduates in developing their careers and find a job. Key activities undertaken by The University Careers Centre is towork with employers, training activities, advisory and brokerage.

The unit collaborates with the District Labour Office in Lomza, 12 November 2008. Under an agreement between the WSA and the PUP Career Centre is equipped with modern office equipment. Permanently cooperate with the Office of the Regional Development Agency, Lomza Chamber of Industry – Commerce, the Provincial Agricultural Advisory Centre Podlaski in Szepietowo Foundation Janko Muzykanta in Lomza, Centre for Education and Agribusiness sp. O.o. in Marianowo, Association for the Support of Education and the Labour Market, Polish Red Cross branch in Lomza SWIS International Exchange, GS Barway, media partners – Weekly Kontakty, Narew TV, TV Szel-Sat, Radio Plus Lomza.

Badanie losów ablolwentów

Council of Experts

The purpose of the Council of Experts is to bring education at the School of Agribusiness in Lomza to the requirements of the labor market and the integration of environmental science and practice of the sphere of economic life. Effective co-operation of the business and science will take action on the creation of high-quality study programs, to improve the educational process and raising education standards.

The main tasks of the Council of Experts:

  • Participation in the development of validation methods assumed to be implemented under the direction of studies of learning outcomes.
  • Judgment of the effects of education in the framework of individual courses and training modules.
  • Giving opinions on the curriculum and content of classes in the context of their adaptation to the requirements of the labor market.
  • Determining the demand for specific professional skills among university graduates.
  • Determining the prospects of changes in the field of education corresponding to the needs of the labor market.
  • Support in the process of diploma (participation in determining the directions of development of the subject of graduate work, making proposals subjects of theses).
  • Developing mechanisms for establishing cooperation between employers, identification of barriers and difficulties in establishing cooperation.


In the Higher School of Agribusiness are established four teams of the Council of Experts, which operate on:

  • Department of Agriculture – Economics (directions: Agriculture, Commodity)
  • Department of Agriculture – Economics (major: Internal Security)
  • Faculty of Technology (directions: Construction, Computer Science)
  • Medical Faculty (direction: Nursing)

A detailed list of experts available in the Rector of the Higher School of Agribusiness in Lomza.