wsa_18mHigher School of Agribusiness in Lomza is a non-state  institution of higher education operating on the basis of the Law of 12.09.1990 on Higher Education. It was established 07/05/1996. Supervised by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The university has a positive assessment of the State Accreditation Commission in all directions, and accredited by the National Accreditation Commission Medical Education majoring in Nursing. This means that the University meets the requirements of staffing, curriculum and organization, and also has adequate material base.Higher  School of Agribusiness in Lomza achieved top positions in national rankings of universities: 3rd place in Poland- Rzeczpospolita i Perspektywy (2004 i 2005) 39th plce in Poland (among state and private schools) – Newsweek 2004. In the rankings carried assessed: level of education, university premises, teaching staff, the organization of the course of studies, publishing activities – research, student activities,  international and intercollegiate exchange. Student facilities are 9300m2 usable space. In this two modern lecture halls for 250 people each, 6 rooms for 100 people, 7 rooms for 40 people and 12 seminar rooms for small groups of students, 6 computer labs, computer terminals at the halls of the building and laboratories and specialized workshops.


The mission of the Higher School of Agribusiness is a professional training of highly qualified personnel in accordance with the needs of the growing economy of our region, support the development of the region and prosperity for its people through education of youth, which will be able to use the latest achievements of science without the need to travel to distant universities. Our mission is to be a student-friendly school, offering modern education of the highest quality. We want to create an institution which, through high performance fully satisfy our clients, students and staff: – gives students the intellectual and material conditions for the development and vocational skills in line with market Leeds – It gives graduates the preparation and support to finding a good Job – potential employers provides valuable employees – the school provides employees with satisfactory working conditions and development, and support the implementation of scientific research – serves communities in the region  through active participation in regional development, science and culture Mission is realized with the participation of appropriately selected academic staff. Its core are acclimed longtime researcher scientists. We equip our students not only in expertise enable the efficient and flexible operation in the modern economy, but also develop in them sensitivity to the social aspects of the market economy. We want our school diploma to have a permanent value, to be a source of pride and satisfaction not only on the day of graduation, but in the future. Also ur concern is  that the students feel welcome and “at home”, that the relationship between teaching staff and administrative staff of the school and students were based on openness, mutual respect and understanding. Quality concerns in equal measure learning outcomes and development of each student, improving the quality of schools and the education process and to meet national and international standards of education. We remain convinced that we equip students with the knowledge, which enables them to acquire better jobs and that provide them access to the tools through which they can develop in the chosen direction. The school educates for the needs of a modern economy, offering practical profile on first and second level of eduation, allowing you to close the learning outcomes expectations put upon graduates by employers. Many of them take an active part in the process of further transformation of both local and national economy. The basis for such a belief is the activity of research – development of teaching and intensity of the learning process of scientific staff, which transmit their knowledge to students. Higher School of Agribusiness in Lomza is guided by the idea of an open university, where everyone will find the conditions for the development and creative work.

The Rector

His Magnificence Rector of the Higher School of Agribusiness in Łomża

dr hab. Roman Zbigniew Engler



Vice-Rector for Didactics dr hab.  Andrzej Borusiewicz, eng.

Vice-Rector for Medical Science Research full prof. dr   Zbigniew Puchalski

Vice-Rector for Development and Promotion and EU Funds  Ireneusz Żuchowski, Phd.



Dean for Agricultural Sciences and Engineering and Technical Sciences Andrzej Borusiewicz dr hab.  Andrzej Borusiewicz, eng.

Dean of Social Sciences, Medical Sciences and Health Sciences Piotr Ponichtera, PhD.

Deputy Dean for Organisational Affairs Alicja Moczydłowska, PhD

Deputy Dean for Practical Education Joanna Szwarc-Woźniak, M.Sc.



Higher School of Agribusiness was founded in 1996. The MEN registry was registered under number 96. On 5 July 1996, the Centre for Education and Agribusiness in Marianowo near Lomza received approval from the Ministry of Education for the establishment of non-state school, School of Agribusiness in Lomza based in Marianowo near Lomza.

The general direction of the university: the education system of higher vocational studies majoring in Agriculture. July 24, 1996 was registered the Statute of the University, approved the curriculum and the composition of the academic staff. Dr. Roman Engler was elected rector, prof. dr. Mirosław Łaguna was elected vice-rector.

1 October 1996 studies at the School of Agribusiness started 268 people.04_1b

04_2bThe headquarters of the school was the Agricultural Schools in Marianowo.

In December 1997, WSA has received from the city a former office building Lomza Cotton Plant Industry “Narew”

WSA_budynek_oldRenovation – adaptation work has begun.07_2b

In February 1998 there was the official opening of the new headquarters. The ribbon was cut in the hall made the chairman of the University Roman Jagieliński and the President of Lomza Jan Turkowski and WSA rector Roman Engler.

In October 1998, the Agriculture faculty has been running full time.

In 2000, MEN authorized The Higher School of Agribusiness for education system of higher vocational studies in Computer Science. Held its first exams. Higher School of Agribusiness began training in the system of postgraduate studies. The offer includes directions:

Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing and Management in Education,

Block Teaching: Nature,

Block Teaching: Arts,

European funds.

The school constantly expand their base. Former production hall ŁZPB “Narew” was purchased which was adapted into a modern auditorium for 250 people.

In August 2004, the school purchased a residential building of 388 m2 on Bawelniana street No. 25 for the purpose of a dormitory.

In September 2006, second dormitory was opened on Zabia street.