Pedagogy - First-cycle studies

Pedagogy – practical profile

Mode: full-time and extramural

Practical classes and practices since the first year.



A speciality that provides important career planning qualifications to work with children, young people and adults alike. The specialisation allows obtaining competence in helping students choose educational and professional pathways and work with adults as educational or life counsellors. Obtained professional qualifications entitle the graduate to take up employment as a professional:


  • professional advisor in employment offices,
  • professional and personnel advisor in personnel advisory and recruitment agencies,
  • a school guidance counsellor,
  • a consultant and advisor in consulting companies, an administrative and human resources employee in labour offices and other labour market institutions dealing with vocational counselling,
  • career advisors in student career offices
  • a teacher or vocational counsellor in the Voluntary Labour Corps.



The specialisation allows obtaining skills and competences to work as a rehabilitation pedagogue. It prepares for work with socially unsuitable, socially excluded or at the border of social exclusion, with educational problems. During the studies, the student learns about the original, creative ways of working with difficult youth. Places of work as a pedagogue and rehabilitation educator:

  •  correctional facilities,
  • youth psychotherapy centres,
  • youth education centres,
  • penitentiary,
  • Probationary Labour Centres,
  • community centres,
  • parental bonfires,
  • Socio-educational assistance centres,
  • organisations working for children and young people at risk of social exclusion,
  • the school (as a teacher),
  • crisis intervention centres,
  • institutions working with addicts,
  • uniformed services.


The specialisation prepares for work as a labour pedagogue and human resources management specialist. Graduates gain qualifications as labour pedagogues and human resources management specialists and can work in personnel and training departments of various workplaces, employment offices, employment agencies and personnel counselling institutions, in vocational information centres, in psychological-educational counselling centres as labour analysts, personnel counsellors, career consultants, human resources specialists, recruitment specialists, talent management specialists, as educational brokers on the vocational education market. Graduates will also be prepared to set up and run their own business. Graduates gain qualifications as labour pedagogues and specialists in human resources management and can work in personnel and training departments of various workplaces, labour offices, institutions.