Multimedia and applied graphics

Mode: full-time and extramural

The faculty of Multimedia and Applied Graphics provides education of staff with the necessary knowledge in the field of computer science, graphics and multimedia. Graduates of this faculty will be prepared to use modern graphics and multimedia techniques in manufacturing companies, media, advertising and education institutions. They will learn about technical and social aspects of multimedia systems, digital media applications, computer graphics, animation and virtual reality.  The curriculum includes preparation of graduates to make substantive, legal and independent decisions.

 The aim of the Multimedia and Applied Graphics studies is to educate specialists involved in creating graphic designs and websites, designing advertising materials and multimedia visualizations and creating elements of visual identification, acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of digital, printed and advertising media applications, acquiring knowledge and skills in the design and programming of computer applications, 3D object modeling, designing virtual spatial forms, preparation for solving interdisciplinary problems in the field of multimedia and graphic design in industry and services, acquaintance with financial, marketing and legal aspects related to the profession of graphic designer and multimedia designer, acquisition of knowledge and skills of using computer hardware in the use of software used in services and industry.

 After graduation from the Multimedia and Applied Graphics faculty, the graduate will be prepared to:

  • work in advertising agencies, media houses and marketing companies,
  • work in manufacturing, commercial and IT enterprises, where skills in computer graphics, design and modelling of 2 and 3 D objects, industrial design are required,
  • work in modern Internet companies, startups, the entertainment industry and image creation institutions,
  • work in printing houses, printing and graphic design companies,
  • take up a job in the profession of a designer of Internet services and computer games,
  • work as a multimedia specialist, multimedia systems designer,
  • take up his own business as a computer graphic designer, web designer or webmaster.