Logistics and transport engineering

Mode: full-time and extramural

 Logistics and Transport Engineering aims to train engineers – logistics and transport specialists – who can combine modern engineering knowledge and skills with managerial knowledge and skills. Today’s engineer is not only a creator of technology but also a manager with knowledge and skills in economics, organisation and management, economic law, logistics, transport, forwarding, ecology, etc.

 Graduates of the “Logistics and transport engineering” faculty have knowledge and skills in the field:

  • management of transport and warehouse systems,
  • optimisation of logistic costs,
  • the rules of storage and trade in goods
  • design of logistics services,
  • IT applications in logistics processes,
  • organising, planning, and controlling the processes of forwarding and transport.

 Graduates of “Logistics and transport engineering” are prepared to work in:

  • enterprises in the TSL sector,
  • distribution and logistics centres,
  • logistic companies that handle the transport of goods in the country and abroad,
  • consulting companies dealing with transport, logistics and forwarding,
  • transport, logistics and forwarding companies.