Internal security (second-cycle studies)

State  Services (second cycle) – is designed to prepare candidates expressing interest in serving in the formations of the Police, State Fire Service, Border Guard, Customs Service, Prison Service, Municipal Guard and Municipal or work in local institutions and bodies of crisis management, as well as entities providing services to protect persons and property, detective, or special marketing including military structures. In addition is woth  mentioning: risk management and multi-directional support for trading goods in the border area. Graduates will have a broad knowledge of the governing legislation and the functioning of the various departments. Within the framework of prospective candidates to work in public service will also be trained in techniques of self-defense and intervention techniques, as well as the use of weapons and professional courses.

Cybersecurity and IT threats (second cycle) – a specialty of this gives you the opportunity to work on the position of the network administrator or proxy in public administration (PKOC) the studies will make you a desired employee, have an understanding of the building structures, to protect the network against hacker attacks. Acquire competence in the information security policy and will be able to move in different areas of activities in the field of data protection in the system – logic, technology and cryptography. Learn about common threats, with which you can meet in cyberspace and how to secure IT resources. Gain knowledge in the field of protection and information security, protection of classified information, rules for access to public information, IT security, as well as the security of networks and information. Learn about institutions and organizations operating on network security, information and IT aspects of crisis management, methods of obtaining information about the risks, as well as problems of information security in organizations and institutions, and security policy of the information the Polish Republic.

Food security and environmental threats (second cycle)- specialize in preparing future employees in the sector of food security with special emphasis on the requirements of the European Union’s health and consumer interests and at the same time ensuring the stable functioning of the EU single market. Graduate knows the standards of control in terms of food hygiene and food products, animal health and welfare, plant health and prevention of contamination with external rules of proper labeling of food and food products.  Can supervise food safety at all stages of production and distribution chain. He knows the problems of environmental threats, the impact of potential terrorist attacks using the food infrastructure of the country.