Internal security - First-cycle studies

Mode: full-time and extramural

 Qualifications of a graduate of the first cycle of studies

A graduate of Internal Security will have comprehensive skills and competencies following the law of recognition, combating and counteracting internal threats. He/she will have basic knowledge in the field of social sciences, human rights, and principles of state functioning (system, power division, structure, tasks and principles of state bodies functioning, including – location and role of public administration and other institutions responsible for internal security). They will learn the basics of extensive legal knowledge regulating the areas related to internal security, as well as will acquire knowledge in the field of internal security related to the state security system, crisis management system, broadly understood security issues at the industry level (ecological, financial, energy, health, etc.) and the issues of various types of crime including terrorism. It will be able to identify, process, analyse and use knowledge and information related to negative personal and social accounts, which are a potential source of threats to internal security. It will also be able to use modern information and communication systems and develop physical fitness with elements of tactics and techniques for intervention and self-defence. Graduates will be prepared to work in public administration with a focus on organisational units of state and local government services responsible for internal security (Police, Internal Security Agency, Border Guard, Government Protection Bureau, Municipal Guards).

Specialisation: Public Security

The specialisation is addressed to those who would like to start working in institutions and services related to safety and security after graduation. The advantage of the course is its practical character and well qualified and experienced teaching staff. Knowledge and experience gained in this specialisation will facilitate employment in uniformed services for graduates and may be an important asset in the process of recruitment to the formation and services responsible for national and citizens’ security. During their studies, students may obtain many valuable certificates and qualifications.


Specialization: Criminology and Criminalistics

The studies in Criminology and Criminalistics are designed for people who would like to relate their future to security and public order, as well as crime prevention. The specialisation was created for people interested in security issues and finding employment in stable conditions of public administration.

 Graduates of the specialisation will gain not only skills and knowledge but also a realistic perspective, allowing them to demonstrate a practical approach to the tasks they perform. Thanks to classes with outstanding practitioners with extensive experience, they will be able to see the practical possibilities of applying the knowledge they have gained.