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Internal security

The graduale of internal seciurity will posses comprehensive competences and abilities to identify, fight and counter internal threats.

Building enginnering

The graduate will have knowledge of: execution of housing, municipal, industrial, and communications facilities; design of basic objects and construction elements.


Computer Science graduate is a specialist prepared to meet the demands of a rapidly growing labor market, open to the changing realities of today’s world.


Studies in Agriculture prepeares specialists in the field of agricultural production technologies, especially plant with practical preparation for independent farm management.

Acriculture second degree studies

Second degree (MA) prepare professionals with the ability to perform experiments and analyzing the results of the research  and the ability to demonstrate initiative and creativity.

Commodity science

Studies on Commodities prepare specialists in the field: commodities and quality management,equipment and engineering of production processes, as well as human resource management in the industry.


Studies at the Faculty of Nursing gives graduates general knowledge in the area of medical science and detailed knowledge in nursing.


The main objective of studies in the specialty Early School and pre-school education is to prepare candidates for the role of teachers in kindergarten.

Postgraduate studies

Studies ensure knowledge of psychology, sociology and pedagogy, also provide technical and humanistic education.

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