Mode: full-time and extramural

Education in Economics aims to provide the student with general knowledge of social sciences. The graduate is prepared to work in positions of analysts, financial advisors, advisors on economic project management, specialists in accounting, trade and services, tourism, company logistics, international economic relations, real estate brokerage and management. The student can use modern calculation methods and obtain and analyse information necessary to make operational decisions.   It combines the skills of identification and analysis of economic phenomena with the knowledge that allows developing methods and techniques of using them in economic activity. Graduates are prepared to take up education at second-degree studies.


Specialisation: Accounting and Finance in Business Units

 After graduation from the first degree studies, the graduate knows the field of organisation, functioning and financing of business units of various forms of organisation and law. The scope of his knowledge includes knowledge of organisation and accounting in economic entities and public finance sector units, records of economic operations, identification, valuation and settlement of costs and presentation of the results of economic entity’s activity in financial statements. Graduate of the specialisation knows the issues of financial law, in the field of corporate finance, including the rules of shaping financial policy by them and the sources of financing their activities. The skills acquired by the graduates enable them to interpret independently the information contained in the financial statements of the entity – these skills are particularly useful for the development of the strategy of its activities. Graduates of the specialisation are also able to recognise economic risks, including credit risk, monitor them and limit them. Graduates of the first degree studies in accounting and finance in business entities are prepared to work in finance and accounting departments of various entities conducting a business activity, in consulting services, banks and public finance sector entities.


Specialisation: Property Expertise and Real Estate Trade

 Knowledge gained in the process of education will prepare the graduate to take up professional practice in order to obtain permissions in the field of property estimation. The graduate has a comprehensive and extended knowledge of law and real estate market and real estate resources, methods of research and assessment of phenomena occurring in various segments of the real estate market. Also, he can evaluate and apply analytical methods to study processes concerning the real estate market and real estate resources owned by the State Treasury, local government units, other legal persons and natural persons. Graduates can evaluate and forecast processes on a micro and macroeconomic scale and to provide advisory services in the field of real estate management, property estimation and decision making in the field of real estate purchase or sale and other forms of real estate trade.