Construction - First-cycle studies

Specjalność: Budownictwo ogólne

budownictwo_22000436Qualifications of a graduate of the first-cycle studies. The graduate knows the following areas: construction of residential, municipal, industrial and communication buildings; design of basic buildings and building elements; construction technology and organisation; team management and construction company management; manufacturing, selection and use of building materials as well as computer techniques and modern technologies in engineering practice. Engineer, a graduate of engineering studies in the field of construction, is prepared to perform independent tasks in the implementation of buildings, i.e. buildings with installations and technical equipment, engineering structures and small architectural objects, and design simple construction structures with computer aid; supervision of construction craft and continuous self-education and professional development.  After several years of professional practice, the graduate has the opportunity to obtain BUILDING EQUIPMENT for designing and managing construction works, can apply for the title of BUILDING RESOLVERTOR. The graduate is prepared to work in: construction companies; construction supervision; concrete and building element factories; construction materials industry; and state and local government administration units related to construction and architecture. The didactic programme includes general and technical subjects. Classes are conducted in the form of lectures, laboratories, auditorium and project exercises. The didactic program is supplemented by construction and directional practice. A graduate should have a foreign language proficiency level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe and be able to use a specialist language in the field of study. Graduates shall be prepared to undertake second-cycle studies.